#RideWithMe to Jabal Al Ayshiyeh along the Litani River

After years of war and struggle, the South of Lebanon has always been imagined as abadoned and in ruins. I even thought so myself until I rode there.

#RideWithMe to Pigeon Rocks - Rouche

Due to the extraordinarily hot weather, #RideWithMe has exceptionally moved to the sea.

#RideWithMe to Arz Bchare

The Cedars of God (Arz el-Rab).

#RideWithMe to the Chouf mountains

Last ride with the Harley-Davidson before the snow melts.

#RideWithMe to Cyprus, and let's cross over Yermasogeia dam - Phinikaria

My passion for riding bikes has never been contained by our Lebanese borders.

#RideWithMe for a sightseeing tour in Barcelona

Due to my short weekend visit to Barcelona, riding a bicycle was the only option I had to share my experience with you.

This is #MySurrounding. What about yours?

#balou3bal3a, the perfect place for relaxation & #meditation.

This is #MySurrounding. What about yours?

And she said: " I Do"...

This is #MySurrounding. What about yours?

As GibranKhalilGibran once said: "We have the same eye, but not the same vision."

This is #MySurrounding. What about yours?

All you need is a hammer, a car & you'll forget what was actually bothering you.

This is #MySurrounding, what about yours?

A chillaxing Sunday after a hectic week.

This is #MySurrounding, what about yours?

Preparing for the Nomination Raid.